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HoF solos 2015 Apr
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Autie performed her brand new 2015 solos at Hall of Fame. She’s improving a lot and showcased some amazing tricks!! Be sure to check them out below:

Help needed Jan
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Hey guys!! I just want to let you know I’m sorry I have been leaving this site alone and unattended! Life’s getting busier (which is good!) and can no longer update as much as I would like to. For the same reason I would like to ask for some help! If you’re a big Autie fan, you know basic PHP, HTML, FTP, and the use of the software Photoshop, please mail me to ley.nyc@gmail.com

This does not mean I won’t be continuing updating! I’ll be updating in the next couple of weeks or so! Thanks a lot for your patience

Happy 13th Birthday Aug
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Hey guys! I know I’ve been the worst and I haven’t updated at all in a while, both Autie’s and my life have been crazy busy and hadn’t had time to update! But couldn’t let this amazing, and special day go as the once sassy little girl who performed My Boyfriend’s Back trio is now a teen! Congratulations to Autie, hope she has an amazing day!

New Solo Jan
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The new solo Autie has performed at Velocity and at the MOVEtheWORLD charity event has been uploaded! Unfortunately the Velocity HQ video has been deleted :/, but thanks to the amazing choreographer Tokyo there’s another link in Youtube! Watch the beautiful dance below:

Velocity Jan
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Autie will be attending Velocity as Junior assistant in St. Louis, Denver, and Myrtle Beach! She has shared two pictures from the shoot promoting the convention, and they have been added to the gallery! Hopefully we’ll get the outtakes of this shoot, it looks awesome so far!

002 x Photoshoots – Set #028

New Layout + Gallery Update Dec
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Hey guys, so as you can see, there’s a brand new layout! I’ve been wanting to put this up for a couple of months now so I’m so glad I finally could! I hope you guys had a merry christmas and I wish you for a very happy new year! Let’s start this year fresh with new pictures!

002 x Photoshoots – Set #025
004 x Photoshoots – Set #026
004 x Photoshoots – Set #027

Gallery Update Dec
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Hey guys! This has been a crazy semester and I’m truly sorry I haven’t updated at all the site! My year will still be busy busy this last week but I promise I’ll make my best effort to keep the site up-to-date! To start off this update, I’ve added a bunch of new pictures from Autie’s shoot for Ktrina Wear! Be sure to check the pictures out, and buy their gear here

044 x Photoshoots – Set #020

Sharkcookie Photoshoot Nov
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As you may know, Autie is currently in Australia doing workshops around the country, where Sharkcookie shoot a new photoshoot of Autie with Tori Wade. You can see the pictures in the gallery:

001 x Set #25
001 x Set #26

Spotting + With Todd Flanagan Nov
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This week’s videos have been uploaded featuring a very busy week for the Millers! During this week’s Trick Tip Thursday Krista Miller teaches us how to work on our spotting, and shows us a little bit of her master class at Souther Strutt. This week’s Freestyle Friday also shows Autie with coreographer Todd Flanagan at their master class in Richmond, Virginia! Enjoy!

Weekly videos Update Oct
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The Miller clan were busy traveling and doing their “Day of Dance” this week, yet they had the time to film the TTT and AFF!

During this week’s TTT, Miss Miller shows how to make more fluent the transitions between tricks and steps, with Autie as the helper. This week’s AFF is a little short, but you can see Autie and friend Charlize Glass having a blast while dancing with the game Twister Rave!

In the KBM youtube channel you can also see some videos of the Day of Dance. Be sure to see how fierce Miss Miller is when she does a straddle leap at the beginning of one of the videos!!

Once again, I’m truly sorry for being MIA, university has been kicking my butt!

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